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You're like a newborn baby...

...except more helpless.

25 November 1986
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Name: Lindsay Marie
AKA: Muffin
Age: 20 and a little bit
Profession: College Student (BFA Design/Tech Theatre @ UCF)
Hobbies: Theatre, lighting design, playing video games, drinking soda, perpetually registering for classes at UCF, Farking, being stupid.
Currently playing...: World of Warcraft (TROLL PRIEST HOLLA.), Pokemans, and Cooking Mama for the wii.
...But WILL be playing: Probably those for a while.
Anything else?: Yes, I value integrity above all else. Also, i hvea pics s2r plz!!1
1776, 2888, across the sea, acting, adam pascal, adventure, agent smecker, aim, aim chats, american beauty, apollo, apoptygma berzerk, art, ayashi no ceres, being stupid, benny and joon, blow out, boa, boys, brian bell, cake, cheesy dip, chocolate, cows, dance, dancing, der herr der ringe, disney world, dogs, donkey kong country, dr pepper, drawing, dvds, e type, emotion, emu, epcot, express 72/144, film, fisher, flagler college, followspot, food of love, friends, fruit, furry pink guitar straps, gaff tape, german, germans, gibsons, grape soda, h*r, harmony, harry potter, hello kitty, house of leaves, innocence, itunes, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, john adams, justice, k's choice, karl koch, kill hannah, lain, lake brantley players, liek omgz, lighting, lighting design, living forever, lolarz, maladroit, mark z danielewski, mathematics, matt sharp, mensa, mikey welsh, millencolin, minty things, mirc, moulin rouge, music, mzd, pat wilson, pepsi blue, perfection, piano, pie, pink, pinkerton, plumb, poe, poker, publix commercials, queer eye, rain, rainbow six, rainn, rent, rhythm, rivers cuomo, rosco, sanrio, sarah fimm, sassyness, scott shriner, shakespeare, sitting, sleeping, smart guys, smoothies, snake, snapple, spazzing, sucking at poker, talent, tap dancing, techies, technical theatre, teh winz, tetris, that one guy's hair, the blue album, the boondock saints, the white stripes, theatre, theatre tech, thespians, they might be giants, tom clancy, tori amos, ucf, ultimate driving machine, usf, vnv nation, walt disney, walt disney world resorts, water, weezer, weezer merch, wicked, wireless controllers, world history, wysiwyg, yo yos, your mom, zeromancer